“Our country doesn’t need Acts, but Action”

NArendra MOdi

What a statement. Referring to the Centre’s boasts about many acts like the RTI, NREGA, IAY, Right to Food and Education Act, etc., he rightly pointed out that our country needs Action, but not Acts. What a man.. I call him ‘The other Chandrababu Naidu‘. Incidentally, both were born in the same year 1950.



There is no greater happiness than doing what you are passionate about. That is when work becomes play. You never have to work later.
– Martin Yan

Not the exact words, but a man called Martin Yan said it. He must haveĀ learnt from someone or by his own experience. But the point is, I’ve begun to implement it and I’m very happy… šŸ™‚

Why does my action count…!!!

The History

The world has seen many Yugapurushs in the past. All of mankind’s history and mythology is full of deeds of those men, the events that led to those deeds and it’s consequences. Our country, being one of the oldest civilised cultures has seen a number of them, while there were many in other parts of the world too. Nevertheless, there is one recurring theme in all those stories. When lawlessness reigns, these ā€˜peopleā€™ have brought order and fought to drive evil away.

Hindu mythology speaks of Lord Vishnu descending to the earth in a mortal form to save our people from the evil that has dawned upon the earth. He has done so, several times, once in the form of a fish, then a turtle, once a boar, once half man and half beast and the other times as a human being, as Rama, Krishna and others. They changed the course of history and created order and harmony in the world.

The other religions too, had their own special men. The Jews called him Moses, Christians the Jesus and Muslims, the Muhammad. The central theme of all these stories Ā is the triumph of good over evil. When evil has grown powerful, we needed a Yugapurush to get over it.

Contemporary world

Even in the contemporary world, we have had a few special people. To channelĀ Indians agony and protest over the British, a person called Gandhi has come to us. He devised a new technique ā€“ The Satyagraha, based on the principles of Ahimsa and active resistance. His mission was accomplished and he left us. Using the same principles of Ahimsa and Satyagraha, other special ones of the time, be it Martin Luther King or Nelson Mandela, triumphed over the evil and achieved their purpose.

Another important feature in the concept of a person coming to save the civilization, is that the masses idolised them. They listened to him, they followed him. People followed the principles of those men to help them achieve their common goal. While the mythological purushs were powerful and supernatural and achieved what they had to by themselves, their modern counterparts mobilised masses through their principles and made them fight.

Indians under the leadership of one such person called Gandhi could drive the British out. South Africans under the leadership of Mandela could get the Africans into power. The Blacks in America could achieve equal rights on par with the whites, under the leadership of Martin Luther King Jr.

Based on those observations, I did conclude that those Men were able to directly inspire and influence people. Ā They were successful in convincing the masses that their principles are right. They were able to mobilize people against something wrong. They helped good reign over bad.

How do we look at the problems?

This whole thing brought me to a question. Is our current society in need of That One person? I tried to look into the world I live in.

A few days back in Jaipur, a woman and her daughter died in a road accident. Her husband and his 3-year-old son cried for help for about two hours, but none came to their aid. What a disgrace to humanity.

Before that, in another shocking incident in Delhi, a girl and her friend were attacked, the girl was brutally raped and her friend was badly injured by a gang of men and were later thrown away on the road. The girl later succumbed to her injuries. The act was terrible and a blot on humanity. There were widespread protests demanding that the accused should be severely punished, even by death if necessary. It received widespread media attention.

After that incident occurred in December, at least 100 rape cases were reported in India. The number of unreported cases? We canā€™t even imagine. Did the protests really change anything? No.

Ruling class. There is utter lawlessness in the Government, favouritism, corruption from the lowest to the highest levels both in government and bureaucracy, extremely biased media and people who donā€™t care about anything unless they directly get affected.

I would not refrain myself from saying that our country has gone to the dogs.Ā Wouldn’tĀ you agree? Do you have a solution to change the perception of the life and world we have? Is there a way where people regain their long forgotten moral values and culture? I was wondering if evil has reigned over good and affecting the people? Is it time for the one to dawn and bring a change in the system?

I genuinely believed, Yes. I was confident that the only way to bring about a change in the society is through a special person, to whom everyone would listen. One person who would have the power to command millions towards good. One person, just like those great ones of the past, like Krishna, Jesus and Gandhi. I was waiting for the one.

But questions remained. Why should one person come to the rescue of millions of people? Even if one did, how would I be motivated to blindly follow a man? The whole concept of a person emerging to put us through the right path seemed hypothetical. I then realised that normal people, through their great deeds have earned the title. Nobody is a leader by birth. The title is an after effect, not the beginning.

Are you ready to be the change you seek?

That person is one among us. One who stands against any wrong that comes to his notice. One who offends and questions those who commits a mistake. One who stands as a role model for all those who seek one. The path he is going to choose may not be an easy one. He would have to face all the odds in this world. He might have to protect his loved ones from those who oppose him. He might have to withstand all the pain in the world to achieve what he wants to,Ā for us. That brought me to another question. Why would anyone take such pain to stand for what is right? Why does one person have to suffer for the benefit of all of us?

Evil would be strong if one person goes against it. What if it isnā€™t just one person, but every one of us? What if everyone fights against what is wrong? It eventually would have to bow down to all of us. Succumb to our will power. Does it have a chance? NO.

The problem with us is that we look for someone else who would bring us out of the problems we face. But rarely do we understand that we are the best beings in the world and we are the ones that has to do it. Yes, all of us have that special person in us. We are the ones who should stand for good. Should change the fate of the world.

Just as small specs of grass make a rope, our own actions, however small will bring out a larger good to the society. Rather than looking for someone , I prefer to stand for the benefit of our country. Small deeds make a big action.Ā I’veĀ decided to take small steps.Ā I’veĀ decided to be the one. Are you ready too..?